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We aim to build our History Curriculum around the elements of relevance and inspiration. We introduce students to the breadth and depth of human experiences by a comparative study of past and contemporary societies and cultures.

The History Department at DVHS believes that by providing an engaging and challenging curriculum, we prepare resilient students with enquiring minds, who are capable of learning from failure and success in equal measure. Pupils who engage with History at Darwen Vale are equipped to become more involved with the complex world they live in, and to maintain throughout their lives a spirit of inquiry and curiosity that can not only make them more active in their communities, but also provide them with personal enrichment. We are committed to learning from our past to build a better future together.

The History Department consists of 4 specialist historians. We take a forward thinking & innovative approach with a clear commitment to the children we strive to develop. Our goal is to deliver an inspirational, tailored and inclusive history curriculum, where all students regardless of ability or background have opportunities to succeed. We aim to provide exceptional teaching which promotes challenge at all levels. We believe in setting exemplary standards through continuous reflection and sustained improvement. At all levels of our curriculum we emphasise discussion and engagement with both primary sources and the interpretations of varied scholars.


A broad and ambitious curriculum that meets the needs of the National Curriculum. 

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Mr Redfern

Head of Humanities





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