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100% Routines and Expectations



Travelling to and from school

As a member of the DVHS community we expect all staff and students to act as Ambassadors on their journey to and from the Academy. This means that all students will:

  • Wear your uniform perfectly and with pride

  • Be polite and courteous to our neighbours and the wider community including local shops

  • Talk and will not shout

  • Put litter into bins

  • Respect the local environment and public property

  • At the end of the day meet friends away from the Academy

Before arriving at school

  • Eat breakfast, making use of the free breakfast facility at school.

  • Make sure that all homework is complete.

  • Pack their school bag with the following items:

    • Student planner

    • 2x black or blue writing pens

    • 2x green writing pens

    • Highlighter pens

    • 2x sharpened pencils

    • 1x rubber

    • 1x scientific calculator

    • 1x ruler

    • 1x mini whiteboard

    • 1x whiteboard pen

    • PE kit if required

Arriving at school

On arrival at DVHS all students will:

  • Be on time at 8:40am and in their relevant line up for 8:45am

    • Year 7 – STEM Garden

    • Year 8 – STEM Garden

    • Year 9 – Amphitheatre

    • Year 10 – Amphitheatre

    • Year 11 – Peace Garden

  • Be in full uniform and smartly presented (see separate uniform guidance for details)

  • Have an appropriate haircut

  • Expect to be sent home or sanctioned if not wearing the correct uniform or not equipped for learning

  • Not having chewing gum on their person, or dispose of it in the bin upon entering school site

  • Answer all questions in full sentences

  • Not have any energy/fizzy drinks, sweets or chewing gum, as these are banned from the Academy



Our core focus is learning and so we will ensure that all transitions to and from classes are calm and orderly. We expect all year groups to make smooth and efficient transitions between classes moving around our large building. Our primary rationale is that ‘every second counts’ in terms of teaching and learning. If just 10 minutes per day are saved through orderly transitions, we will gain over a week of learning time across the academic year.


Another equally important factor is the anxiety that noisy and unruly corridors can cause for the Academy community particularly now that our intake is full. When walking around the building DVHS students will:

  • Follow instructions from any member of staff first time

  • Move to lessons once your teacher has dismissed you

  • Allow any member of staff or an adult to pass through a doorway before them

  • Hold doors open for others

  • Never run

  • Walk on the left-hand side of the corridors and stairways

  • Stay quiet and sensible on the corridors and never shout

  • Maintain a quiet and orderly atmosphere


Entry to the classroom

At DVHS all students will follow the same entry routine to a classroom:

  • Students will line up outside their classroom door

  • The teacher will greet the students at the door

  • Students will enter their classroom silently, move to their allocated seat and get their relevant equipment and books out

  • Students will start to complete the Do It Now activity in silence whilst the teacher takes a register

During a lesson

  • Stand up in silence whenever a visitor enters the classroom

  • Put their hand up and wait for permission before asking or answering a question but also be mindful of our no hands up approach to questioning, this means the teacher will target students by name for most of the questioning in lessons

  • Always speak in full sentences

  • Track the speaker when either the teacher or a peer is speaking

  • Celebrate the success of others

  • Understand that it is better to try and fail than to not try at all

  • Always give 100%

During break and lunchtime

  • Use their break and lunch time effectively:

    • Drink some water

    • Go to the toilet

    • Meet with any members of staff to address concerns

    • Complete any work or revision that is required

  • Say thank you to catering staff

  • Only play ball games on the MUGA and 3G Pitch

  • Follow all school rules to maintain a calm and pleasant environment for all

  • Do not gather in large groups

  • Never engage in violent or aggressive behaviour

  • Do not wear any outdoor clothing in the building at any time during break and lunchtime


At the end of the school day

At DVHS all students will follow the same exit routine at the end of the school day:

  • 5 minutes before the end of the day P5/P6 teachers will begin the exit routine

  • Students will track the teacher giving 100% and in silence

  • Student pack away their equipment in silence and remain in their seats

  • The teacher will read out the list of students who have an after-school detention and shout out and celebrate students who have achieved a high amount of House Points

  • Students who do not have a detention will be asked to stand up behind their chair and leave school via the closest exit

  • Students who have a detention will be escorted to the main hall by their teacher

  • Students who walk away from their teacher escorting them to detention will receive an escalation

  • If getting public transport, wait quietly at the bus stop

  • Get onto the bus one student at a time

  • Give up their seat to a member of the public

  • Talk quietly and never shout

  • Go straight home and do not congregate in large groups

  • Not be in local parks or playing fields in school uniform

  • Always remember they are representing DVHS





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