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Student Ambassador Network

Darwen Vale High School places strong emphasis on developing students' leadership skills. Throughout their time with us, students are given numerous opportunities to develop and hone skills such as public speaking, organising events and teamwork.

Student Council 

Darwen Vale has an active Student Council made up of representatives from every form who have been elected by their peers. The Council meets fortnightly on Friday lunchtimes with Mr Smalley to discuss matters arising which affect the student body. Previously the Council have worked with the Local Authority (December 2022) meeting with an officer from the local council to discuss the importance of democracy and met with a former MP to discuss his experience (March 2023)

Student Ambassador Network

Students also have the opportunity to become part of the Ambassador Network. The Ambassadors represent their peers in specific fields: 

  • School Ambassadors represent the Student Council. They meet with Mr Smalley and Mr Redfern regularly to look at how suggestions from the Student Council can be implemented. They also run various campaigns throughout the school year.

  • Subject Ambassadors are students who excel in a specific subject. They represent their subject at various events throughout the year such as open evenings or any other subject specific events such as sporting fixtures or conference days. 

  • House Ambassadors are those who represent their school house. They work closely with the Head of House to run various inter-house competitions throughout the school year. They also have the opportunity to mentor younger students in their school house.

  • Senior Ambassadors lead the other Student Ambassadors. They work with the schools Senior Leadership Team to coordinate the Ambassador Network. 

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Senior Ambassador Team
Senior Ambassadors 2023-2024 .jpg

Senior Ambassador Team for 2023-2024

We asked a few of our Senior Ambassadors to introduce themselves:


My Name is Joshua and i am one of the Senior Ambassadors. Some of my favourite and strongest subjects are Maths and Physics, which is closely followed by Chemistry and Drama. I work incredibly hard and try to achieve my best in every subject that i can. I love learning at Darwen Vale because you get a lot of support from teachers and all of them are happy to help you improve, so that if you put in the hard work and effort, you can achieve all your accomplishments. I am incredibly excited to be part of the role of Senior Ambassador and look forward to helping future students where possible.


Hi, I'm Caitlin, a Senior Ambassador at Vale and I'm grateful to have been appointed this role as I've been looking for an opportunity to develop teamwork and leadership skills for a while. I'm also glad to be a part of something working towards a better Vale. I enjoy hiking, ice skating and playing piano and my favourite subjects have to be French and English. I enjoy French because it adds variety to my education and differs from most other subjects whilst creating opportunities for me later in life.


Hi, I’m Rory and I will be one of the Senior Ambassadors for the upcoming academic year. Being a Senior Ambassador is a proud moment for me as it is something I have wanted to do from my very first moment in Year 7 as I admired those in these roles and saw them as big inspirations. One of my hobbies is sports, with an interest in the multiple sports that there is worldwide. I also have a big interest in history as I really enjoy finding new things that have helped form the world we live in today. At Vale, my favourite subject is History. I really enjoy History at Vale as it gives a detailed insight into multiple events and time periods that have changed the way we live today and something I find really interesting. I like Vale as it offers a welcoming environment to everyone that comes here and the fact that there are a variety of subjects to learn allowing students to gain a variety of knowledge. The Aldridge Attribute that I feel most resonates with me is teamwork. I enjoy working and being a part of team as you get to build relationships with other people along with learning a key skill that I will need in the future.


Hi, I’m Lily and I’m going to be one of the Senior Ambassadors this year. At school, I enjoy art, French and history. I find these subjects interesting and feel that they could be useful in the future. Outside of school, I enjoy baking and watching movies with my family and friends. I am looking forward to working in a team with the other ambassadors, as well as building my leadership skills and confidence. I am excited to see what my final year at Vale will bring. 


Hi, I’m Mia and I am one of the senior ambassadors here at Darwen Vale. Being appointed to take this role is a privilege and a great personal achievement for me as I have a passion for advocating for my peers and identifying where positive changes can be made. In addition to this, one of my greatest passions is performing arts. Here at Vale we have so many opportunities to share, explore and develop out passions. The staff are always here to push you and assist you to follow your dreams. Another aspect of Vale that makes it such a special place is the amazing facilities and resources available to us. The Aldridge Attribute that resonates with me the most is ‘Determination’. Being part of Team Vale means that you have to be determined and dedicated to every opportunity handed to you. This is something that I honour within and around school.

If you have any questions about our Ambassador Network or Student Council, please email Mr Smalley ( or Mr Redfern (Freddie., who will be more than happy to help you!

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