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Student Ambassador Network



Darwen Vale High School places a strong emphasis on developing students' leadership skills. Throughout their time with us, students are given numerous opportunities to develop and hone skills such as public speaking, organising events and teamwork. 


Student Council 

Darwen Vale has an active Student Council made up of representatives from every form who have been elected by their peers. The Council meets fortnightly on Friday lunchtimes with Mr Smalley to discuss matters arising that affect the student body. Previously the Student Council has worked with the Local Authority (December 2022) meeting with an officer from the local council to discuss the importance of democracy and have met with a former MP to discuss his experiences (March 2023). 


Ambassador Network 

Students also have the opportunity to become part of the Ambassador Network. The Ambassadors represent their peers in specific fields:

  • School Ambassadors represent the Student Council. They meet Mr Smalley and Mr Redfern regularly to look at how suggestions coming from the Student Council can be implemented. They also run various campaigns throughout the school year.


  • Subject Ambassadors are students that excel in a specific subject. They represent their subject at various events throughout the year such as open evenings or any other subject specific events such as sporting fixtures or conference days.  

  • House Ambassadors are students that represent their school house. They work closely with the Head of House to run various inter-house competitions throughout the school year. They also have the opportunity to mentor younger students in their school house. 

  • Senior Ambassadors lead the other Student Ambassadors. They work with the schools Senior Leadership Team to coordinate the Ambassador Network. 

If you have any questions about our Ambassador Network or Student Council, please email Mr Smalley ( or Mr Redfern ( who will be more than happy to help you! 

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