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Religous Education





The aim or the Religious Studies curriculum is to expand pupils’ knowledge of the world’s diversity and develop enquiring minds that embrace the different values, ideas and cultures around them.

The Religious Studies Curriculum has been designed in line with the locally agreed syllabus provided by Blackburn with Darwen SACRE. We follow an enquiry-based approach to learning which focuses on improving standards of religious literacy and academic rigour; it is designed to be the ideal platform for further study of the subject. Ethical debates and deep thinking are integral parts of the Religious Studies curriculum at DVHS. 

Our curriculum revolves around introducing students to key world faiths. Every student will be challenged to reflect upon different concepts of God, the key practices of each faith and their respective texts. The curriculum gives students a gateway to religious diversity and to inspire students to give evaluative thought on the ultimate questions of life. Students will develop knowledge and understanding of the key faiths Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism. They will be expected to apply their knowledge of ethical issues to debates around war, prejudice, discrimination, and the concept of evil.

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Mr Redfern

Head of Humanities





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