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Computing & Business





We believe that Computer Science, Information Technology, Digital Literacy and Business Studies are fundamental aspects of any education. These pillars of progression allow pupils to develop deep knowledge and understanding of each area and the ability to apply the knowledge to skill-based activities. We endeavour to provide a stimulating and exciting environment where students can develop knowledge over time. We strive for excellence and aim to expose students to as much variety as possible in these areas. We deliver an ambitious curriculum and are inclusive for all.

The department prides itself on making its learning as meaningful, enjoyable and accessible to students as possible whilst promoting the confidence and desire so students to produce work of quality. In order to achieve these objectives a strong understanding of the computing strategies and business methods is essential, together with a technical competence in a wide range of software and programming languages. We want to equip all of our students with the knowledge and skills to succeed in an ever-changing technological world.


Miss Mitchell

Head of Computing & Business

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