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Vale 100



100 things to do and achieve before you leave Darwen Vale. 
Go to career's fair
Correctly answer one of the Math’s department’s Puzzle of the Week.
Get a black belt in Numeracy Ninjas.
Complete couch to 5K
Have a piece of schoolwork on display
Take part in a school trip
Own a DVHS Hoodie
Dissect something
Join the Art Club
Learn to speak a foreign language
Make slime.
Use a Bunsen Burner.
Visit a place of worship
Participate in the circuit training day raising money for Derian House
Write a CV
Compile a Record of Achievement
Have artwork displayed in school
Use the school Gym
Support your form in raising money for charity
Bake a cake
Visit a gallery or a Museum
Create a Ceramic Sculpture
Create a Portrait
Cook a three-course meal
Obtain a bronze badge for obtaining Aldridge Attribute points
Obtain a silver badge for obtaining Aldridge Attribute points
Obtain a gold badge for obtaining Aldridge Attribute points
Learn to sew a button.
Go on a geography fieldtrip
Take part in an assembly
Enter a house competition 
Burn Magnesium Sulphate
Make iron filings move with a magnet
Use water colours/ oil pastels
Script and write a play 
Solve an equation 
Have artwork displayed in the school Art Exhibition.
Use a local map
Learn CPR
Swim in an open lake on a school trip
Win a school quiz
Design and make a castle in History
Write a story
Design and make your own product
Learn a dance routine
Design and make a Pizza
Watch a play or a show
Thank a teacher
Play football at Vale
Enter an inschool English Competition
Try a new food
Visit a foreign country
Create and present a speech
Create a performance in Drama class.
Beat one of your subject targets
Read six books in a single half term
Help a younger student with their homework
Obtain a Duke of Edinburgh award
Be a form representative
Take part in ‘Vales Got Talent’
Write your own Song
Participate in Sports Day
Participate in Student Voice
Wear your uniform with pride
Sing in a Choir
Reduce your carbon emissions by walking more
Play an instrument
Revise the Periodic table
Make a new friend
Go camping
Go to support a local Sports team
Watch a play in a theatre
Fulfil all criteria for ‘Passport to Prom’ and attend the school Prom Night.
Be part of the School Prefect / Senior Prefect / Junior Leadership Team.
Receive an award at Sports Presentation Evening.
Receive an award at Prize Presentation Evening.
Receive a 100% attendance certificate for a full school year.
Win a progress award, recognising commitment and progress towards a subject.
Litter pick 
Donate to the food bank
Write a poem
Help at Open Evening
Join in with a volunteering event 
Send an email to a peer or teacher
Gain a Sport Colour Badge (3 or more teams represented)
Join an extra-curricular club
Support or participate in a Student V Staff Football Match.
Do work experience at a 'go to work day'
Make a meal in Hospitality and catering
Help an elderly person in the community 
Post a letter in French
Stand up and speak in front of your year group
Take part in the school show
Participate in Science Club
Play Rugby at Vale
Participate in more than one extra curriculuar activity at Vale
Visit a College or University
Take part in school Maths Competition
Raise money and awareness for various charities
Explore exciting maths like Fibonacci, Pi, Golden Ratio.
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