Junior Leadership Team



We are commencing the application process for this years Junior Leadership Team

In year 11 we elect a student leadership team. The process for this is a formal application via letter followed by an interview process. The Year 11 Student Leadership Team consists of Head Girl and Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Boy and Senior Prefects and Prefects. We encourage our pupils to be outstanding role models, develop leadership qualities and be ambassadors for pupil voice.

This year the standard was so high that we took the decision to reward a number of applicants with a position of responsibility.

Meet last years Junior Leadership Team:

  • Head Boys – Scott Ballard, Lucas Almond, Oliver Tsang-Warmington

  • Head Girls –   Grace Calvy, Grace Gettins, Cora Mahoney Holbrook

  • Deputy Head Boys – Alex Kearney ,Jack Blackburn ,Owen Croft

  • Deputy Head Girls – Lexi Sweeney, Kacey Thomas, Aloysia Riley


The pupils did a great job in representing the School.