School Routines



Routines and Expectations

The following routines and expectations apply to all students and will be rigorously and consistently upheld:

1. Before arriving at school all students will:

a) Eat breakfast.

b) Make sure that all homework is complete.

c) Pack their bag with the following items:

  • Current reading book

  • 2 x black or blue writing pens

  • 2 x green writing pens

  • highlighter pens

  • 2 x sharpened pencils

  • 1 x rubber

  • 1 x ruler

  • 1 x calculator

  • Books/folders for that day

  • PE kit if required

Please note white eraser fluid is banned from the academy


2. On arrival at DVHS all students will:

a) Be on time.

b) Be in full uniform and smartly presented (1 stud in ears, no other piercings, appropriately applied and not excessive make-up or nail varnish – No false nails and at the teacher’s discretion). See separate uniform guidance.

c) Have an appropriate haircut (no lines or patterns in hair or eyebrows) no extreme

designs (including unnatural colours) or short length haircuts (skin to zero).

d) Remove any chewing gum from their person and dispose of it in the bin.

e) Come through the student entrance and have their uniform checked.

f) Expect to be sent home if not wearing the correct uniform or are not equipped for lessons. We will lend uniform in certain cases but students will be required to leave their phone as a deposit. For continued infractions students will spend the day in the Internal Exclusion room.

g) Answer questions in full sentences.

h) Not have any family sized snacks, or energy drinks

3. Walking around school and moving to/from lessons:

a) Follow instructions from any member of staff or adult first time.

b) Move to lessons once your teacher has dismissed you.

c) Allow any member of staff or adult to pass through a doorway before them.

d) Hold doors open for others.

e) Never run.

f) Walk on the left-hand side of the corridors and stairways.

g) Stay quiet and sensible on corridors and never shout.

h) Maintain a quiet and orderly atmosphere in the library.


4. All students will follow the same routines for entering the classroom:

a) Students will enter their classroom quietly and get their books and equipment out.

b) The teacher will greet the students at the door.

c) All students will move quietly and immediately to their allocated seat and

put their equipment on their desk.

d) All students will start the settler activity, whilst the teacher takes the register.


5. During a lesson all students will:

a) Stand up in silence whenever a visitor enters the room.

b) Put their hand up and wait for permission before asking or answering a question but also be mindful of our no hands up approach to questioning, this means the teacher will target students by name for the vas majority of class Q and A.

c) Always speak in full sentences.

d) Celebrate the successes of others.

e) Understand that it is better to try and fail than not to try at all.

f) Adhere to the DVHS entrepreneurial ethos.


6. Moving to and from assemblies/examinations:

a) Students will line up in their year groups and form groups, unless

the form tutor/teacher decides to make changes.

b) Students will move in quietly from classrooms to their destination.

c) Students will sit in silence unless directed to speak.

d) Students will be asked to stand at the beginning of the assembly.

e) Students will remain standing in silence until directed otherwise.

f) At the end of the assembly, when the member of staff or other adult holding the

assembly leaves the room, all students will remain in silence whilst they are dismissed by

their Director of Progress, Assistant Head of Year or senior member of staff, one row at a time.

g) Form Tutors and/or teachers will sit amongst their form group.

h) All teaching and support staff will attend whole school assemblies and awards


i) The students will then walk quietly to their next lesson.

j) Staff will go on to the corridor to ensure students walk quietly to their next lesson.

7. During break and lunchtime all students will:

a) Use their break and lunch time effectively:

  • Drink some water

  • Go to the toilet

  • Meet with any member of staff to address any concerns

  • Complete any work or revision that is required

  • Attend any detentions which have been set

b) Support our ethos by being cooperative and considerate at all times.

c) Say thank you to catering staff.

d) Only play ball games in the allocated areas.

e) Follow all school rules to maintain a calm and pleasant environment for all.

f) Do not gather in large groups.

g) Never engage in any violent or aggressive behaviour.

h) Do not wear any outdoor clothing in the building at any time including breaks and lunchtimes.

8. At the end of the school day all students will:

a) Make sure they have everything they need to complete their homework.

b) Walk quietly through the academy exits.

c) If getting public transport, wait quietly by the bus stop.

d) Get onto the bus one student at a time.

e) Give up their seat to a member of the public.

f) Talk quietly and never shout.

g) Go straight home and do not congregate in large groups.

h) Not be in local parks or playing fields in school uniform.

i) Remember at all times they are representing DVHS and should be a model of citizenship.