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London V&A Trip

On the 5th December, 23 pupils from Year 9 had the opportunity to visit the V&A Museum in London. This was one of four sessions run by the V&A gallery to promote creativity amongst young people.

Design Lab nation, a programme run by the V&A was set up to inspire and support design education in schools. Their aim is to support pupils in communities with histories of manufacturing through the professional development of teachers and bolstering the education provision of local museums.

It was an early start to London to get the V&A for Midday. Throughout the day the pupils showed a real passion for the Arts and displayed and took full advantage of being able to explore the wonderful Art works that the V&A had to offer.

Pupils worked in teams and individually, participating in a variety of creative tasks. Over the weeks the pupils had successfully followed a design brief to create their own Wallpaper inspired by the Artist William Morris. Throughout the day, behaviour was impeccable and the pupils were a credit to the school, even when trains were cancelled last minute.

The work created by the Pupils will be exhibited at Blackburn Museum in summer 2020.

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