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KS4 Awards 2022

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

On Thursday 17th November we held our annual KS4 awards evening to celebrate the achievements of our past year 11 and year 10 students (current year 11) for their hard work in the last academic year.


Many thanks to everyone who came down to our awards evening, and to all the staff who stayed behind to make it happen! It was great celebrating the success of our students! It was nice to see so many of our 2022 leavers, and celebrate their hard work and achievements!

Our award winners were as followed:

Year 10

Ellis G 2 awards - Aldridge Education Prize for Service to the school

Raising money for Derian House and organising a football match to raise money for charity. Ellis is always first to volunteer to support the school in events such as Progress evening and Open evening.

Aldridge Education for Geography

For his work in Year 10 - hard working, contributes to lesson regularly, very focussed.

Joseph R 2 awards - Spirit of Vale award

Joseph encapsulates all the Aldridge attributes in many ways, he is always smiling and positive, willing to help staff and students with a variety of events/issues.

Excellence in Combined Science award

Strong passion for all three-disciplines in science and producing work of outstanding quality as well as excellent mock exam results.

Ella A 2 awards - Aldridge Education Prize for English

For continually exceeding her target in every English assessment in Year 10.

Aldridge Education Prize for French Possibly the most naturally gifted linguist to pass through this school in the last decade. The complexity and fluency of her work is unparalleled, and I can't wait to see what she does in Year 11.

Bethany K - Aldridge Education Prize for Mathematics

Bethany deserves the year group award as she has worked fantastically well all year and achieved an amazing result in her summer exams. She is a pleasure to teach and is striving to reach the highest grade possible even though her pathway target is lower than that. She is a true example of what all 10c1 are about -Well done, Bethany!

Thomas H -Excellence in Triple Science award

Fantastic work ethic to all three subjects and excellent mock exam results.

Jack D - Aldridge Education Prize for History

Persistent hard work throughout the year. Positive attitude and continually displaying the Aldridge Attributes within lessons.

Aaminah C - Aldridge Education Prize for Create

Continued excellent engagement, effort and creativity in all lessons and for extended learning.

Drew R - Aldridge Education Prize for Physical Education

Drew's effort and attitude towards PE has been exemplary this year. He is always willing to try any activity and his behaviour has always been superb. Well done!

Alby-Ray - Performing Arts award

For always going above and beyond in supporting the Performing Arts at Darwen Vale. Both in lesson and in extra-curricular opportunities, Alby showcases his multitude of talents to an extremely high standard.

Thomas E - Music performance KS4 award

For always volunteering and showcasing your incredible piano skills at the showcases. You are always one of the standout performances of the evening.

Caitlin F - Drama KS4 award

For always showcasing your incredible skills in both lessons and showcases. The time, effort, and commitment you put into your work in Year 10 was evident in the outcome of your Component 2 performance, which was phenomenal.

Maisie B - Dance KS4 award

For showing dedication throughout the course and always giving a helping hand to her peers if they are struggling on specific techniques or skills. Is a pleasure to teach and watch her perform in lessons and I am very proud of her and how hard she works.

Kiera M 2 awards - Aldridge Education Prize for Performing Arts

For always putting 100% into everything you do both in lessons and for extra-curricular opportunities. Your extremely high work ethic and standard for excellence has paid off in all areas of the course so far. Keep up the amazing work!

Enterprise and Marketing KS4 award

Kiera always gives 100% in lessons, looking for ways to improve her grade. She is enthusiastic and a great businesswoman.

Layton G - Information Technology award

Consistently working hard, achieving a great mock exam GCSE grade.

Adam C - Aldridge Education Prize for progress

For being on track to meet his pathway targets and for being increasingly independent.


Lydia D 2 awards - GCSE Progress Prize

Lydia made the most progress between KS2-KS4 and left with excellent exam results.

Maths progress KS4

Lydia has worked incredibly hard in Maths and has made amazing progress in striving to exceed her target grade.

Daniel R - Service to the School (Charities)

Daniel has shown dedication and support towards extra-curricular charity work. The first to volunteer and support the school.

Harry T - Outstanding Achievement at GCSE

Harry achieved excellent GCSE results and was always a pleasure to teach as well as being Deputy Head Boy.

Alex H 2 awards - Achievement at KS4

Alex worked tremendously hard during KS4, his attendance for extra revision sessions was excellent.

Biology KS4

Wonderful attitude to learning throughout his GCSE studies. Alex also achieved a Grade 8 in Biology which is fantastic!

Jack P - Service to the School

Jack has shown dedication and help towards extra-curricular charity work.

Elliott A - Head Boy award

Elliot was always available for school events and willing to promote the school.

Kenzi B - Head Girl award

Kenzi was always dedicated to her role as head girl. She played a big part in helping Mr Adcroft with trip arrangements and prom.

Anatolij - Award for Learning Skills

Anatolij was an ever present in school. He started at Darwen Vale with English as his second language and adapted very well leading on to achieving excellent results.

Jessica P - Soroptimist International Award

Jessica had excellent attendance, always worked hard, and had a smile on her face which showed up in her results.

Simon M - Mathematics, Science and Computing award

Simon worked extremely hard in computing and other subjects. He was always a pleasure to teach.

Katie N 3 awards - Senior English Prize for excellence

For achieving 2 grade 9s in Language and literature.

French KS4

She has consistently worked hard and pushed herself to make beyond expected progress. Her dedication and attitude to learning have been seriously impressive.

Creativity award

Outstanding GCSE results achieving a 9, always showing commitment, passion and creativity in lessons.

Arran D 2 awards - Outstanding Achievement in Verbal Communication

For displaying excellence in all areas of English.

Chemistry KS4

Working hard all year and showing a strong dedication to his studies in Chemistry. Arran also achieved a Grade 9, fantastic achievement!

Charlotte J - Progress Prize for English

For exceeding her language and literature target through hard work and commitment.

Macie K - Physics KS4

Outstanding work ethic in all three areas of science, congratulations on your grade 8 in physics, an incredible achievement!

Sami K - Geography KS4

Persistent hard work and demonstrating resilience.

Darci S - History KS4

Persistent hard work acting on feedback and achieving beyond her target grade.

Ella M - Create KS4

Outstanding progress in GCSE art and design.

Jemima W - Sportswoman of the Year

Outstanding contribution to the performing arts and excellent Progress in Sport Science.

Ethan K - Sportsman of the Year

Continued excellent contribution to sports and excellent progress In Sport Science.

Caitlin S - Outstanding Sporting Achievement

Caitlin has always demonstrated her commitment throughout PE, Dance and BTEC Sport. She showed her enthusiasm and love for sport throughout all activities. Caitlin is an amazing role model for her peers and younger students, where she encouraged and supported other students to also love PE.

Cory B - Physical Education Prize

Participation and excellent performances in a wide range of sports from Y7-Y11.

Ben S - Enterprise and Marketing KS4

Achieving an outstanding grade in his GCSE January exam.

Tim P - Creative i-media

Catching up on a whole piece of coursework in his own time and completing a great product in his coursework.

Liam K - Aldridge Education Prize for Progress

Enormous progress and incredible attitude to learning.

Photos from the night below:

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