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Arkwright Scholarship

Tyler Chappell was successful in his application to become an Arkwright Scholar during the summer term in Year 11. Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are a The Smallpeice Trust programme (a registered charity) and are the most prestigious scholarship scheme of its type in the UK.

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarships are designed to identify and inspire future leaders of engineering. Hopeful scholars apply to the scholarship during their final year at school.

The application process is rigorous to ensure that the highest calibre of students are selected and awarded a scholarship. Tyler first completed an application form to state why he should be considered for the scholarship.

When he was deemed to be a suitable candidate, he was invited to take a written test. He successfully passed that test and was then invited for a gruelling interview with an industry engineer and someone from an academic background.

Tyler went up against thousands of hopeful students to secure this prestigious scholarship. He was successful due to his passion for engineering, and being able to demonstrate independent learning to create a piece of engineering work that he could show working to his interview panel.

He was very focused and driven and could draw upon lots of experiences of leadership and problem solving through activities he did at school and at home.

Every successful scholar is teamed up by a well regarded industry wengineer in the field that the scholar plans to study and work in. This can lead to some unique support and exposure to very high profile work and experiences.

Darwen Vale would like to say a huge congratulations to Tyler. He thoroughly deserves it.

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