Year 9s up for a Challenge

Herber Parkinson Challenge

A select group of our Year 9 cohort took part in a manufacturing challenge organised by local employer Herbert Parkinson, an organisation who we have worked extensively with over the past year.

The group were given tasks to do that helped them understand how the manufacturing process works, they had to then organise a way of making the process more efficient and cost effective. Once they had done this they were then given problems that potentially could stop or slow down the process, which meant the team have to solve these problems and come up with REAL solutions. The day certainly was a REAL test for the students who not only had to work as a team, solve problems but also show a great deal of creativity.

The staff at Parkinson’s as always made the students really welcome, and they were very complimentary about the work that the students did.

A huge WELL DONE to the following year 9 students

Alex Noble, Harry Walker, Jamie Hindle, Faiq Chaudhary, Olivia Hunter, Emma Lang, Sophie Briggs and Jessica Thomas.