Year 11 Parent Letter – October 2017

Year 11 Period 5 Timetable

October 2017

Dear Parent / Carer,

Period 5 Intervention for Year 11

Preparation for your child’s final exams is well underway. Mock exams begin on Monday 13th November and those courses which still have elements of coursework are approaching their deadlines.

It is our intention to provide as much support as possible to all our students so that they make progress towards their pathway grade and achieve to the best of their ability.  With this in mind, our programme of

‘Period 5’ lessons start on Monday 16/10/17.  These additional sessions are aimed at everyone in the year

group in order that each student:

  • Catches up with any work that has been missed
  • Fills gaps in learning
  • Has extra support on topics / units where their marks are not as high as they should be
  • Is provided with the opportunity to boost their grade
  • Has access to masterclasses that will help them achieve the top grades.

Period 5 will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week and each student will be given a timetable showing when each subject area is offering classes.  There will also be a copy of this on the school website.  The programme of classes will be reviewed at the end of the Autumn Term ready for the final push into exams after Christmas.

It is our intention that all students attend all sessions and, as such, we have linked their attendance to our

‘Passport to Prom’ scheme where students work towards their goal of getting to the Prom next year. We will write to you shortly with more detail on what this entails.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Sterland, Mr Fielding or myself at school.

Yours sincerely,

D J Hallam

Vice Principal


Dates for your diary:

13/11/17 – 24/11/17 Year 11 Mock exams

18/1/18 Year 11 Parents’ Evening

Year 11 Period 5 Timetable