Year 10 students Robert Kearney and Alyssa Blackledge were proud to represent Darwen Vale at a cross school Borough wide event. They both attended the final part of a programme that has seen students write a ground breaking ‘Peace Charter.’

A series of workshops have been arranged over the past year which students from all schools within the Borough have attended and participated in. The workshops focussed on key issues that young people are affected by. They were all given an opportunity to air their views and experiences, with the ultimate aim being to write a Charter which all the schools will promise to promote. Some of the issues discussed were centred around understanding each other and having their voices taken seriously by adults. A Charter was written by all students involved at the final event on December 13th, and it’s expected that there will be no small fanfare to officially launch this idea sometime soon.

Other Year 10 students were involved in various steps of this process, and all said that it pushed them out of their comfort zone.  However, as Alyssa and Robert stated ’it was really good mixing with students from other schools, to hear other views and ideas.’

‘It’s up to us to make the world a better place, because it’s a place we have to live in.’ stated Alyssa. A phrase which summed up the event perfectly.

Well Done to everyone involved you have done Vale proud.