Vale gets the Vote!

Friday 11th November saw the launch of the Votes For Schools programme at Darwen Vale. This is a brand new package we are going to use to engage students with REAL issues that are going on in the world around us. Each week during registration pupils will be introduced to a topical dilemma, they will then be encouraged to discuss the issue with their peers. The programme seeks to inform students about these issues as well as stimulating thought provoking discussions. The session ends with pupils taking a vote on the topic and they are then able to compare their own views with what other schools think about the topic. Results of such votes can then go onto inform future learning and highlight in school things that pupils need to be made more aware of.

The first topic the students will be discussing is centred around remembrance day, and asks the question about the validity of war. At Vale we always seek to make every day in school a REAL experience and there is no better way than getting students to think about some of the key topics that affect us all in some way.

Hands up if you think this is a good idea?