The appearance of the pupils reflects very much on the School and all pupils are expected to wear school uniform to and from school and to maintain a smart and clean appearance. The uniform requirements are quite clear and girls must wear only the specified tailored trousers or skirt. It is vital that all property, including items of clothing, is plainly marked with the pupil’s name. Jeans, training pants, boot leg, ski pants, sweatshirts and denim or leather jackets should not be worn. Training shoes of any colour and boots are not allowed in school. In extreme circumstances if there has to be a variation from the required standard, pupils should be provided with a note explaining the situation and giving a date when the uniform will be complete. The full uniform must be reinstated in as short a time as possible. PUPILS RISK BEING SENT HOME TO GET CHANGED IF WEARING INCORRECT UNIFORM WITHOUT A NOTE

Purchasing Uniforms

Garments in the distinctive school colours with logo can be obtained from: • Gray’s, Northgate, Blackburn Tel: 514257
• Derek Whittaker & Co, 3 Waterloo Pavilions, Church Street, Blackburn BB1 5AL Tel: 676047
• Snazzys, 24 Bridge Street, Darwen School ties and badges are also available at the school from Pupil Services.

Protective Clothing

It is expected that aprons will be worn in CDT and Home Economics. Aprons are available from the uniform outlets.


Forms for sweatshirts are available from Pupil Services.


The only items of jewellery allowed are a wrist watch and for pupils with pierced ears, one small plain metal stud in each ear. Nose,eyebrow, lip and navel studs are not allowed. (This includes clear plastic replacements). All jewellery may have to be removed for safety reasons, on request from a member of staff. Make-up and nail varnish may not be worn.


All styles must be neat and tidy. Unusual or bizarre styles, colours and excessive braiding and ornamentation are not allowed.

Items not Allowed

Please note the following items are not permitted in school:

  • Cigarettes and smoking materials
  • Aerosols
  • Tippex
  • Permanent markers
  • Any other materials damaging to health

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