Teaching and Learning

Every teacher at Darwen Vale attends a professional development afternoon each Tuesday. These afternoons are a chance to share good practice, to develop strategies to improve teaching and learning and to keep abreast of new curriculum developments that will impact on our pupils. On 13th May, we held our first teaching and learning marketplace. This is where teachers step forward and volunteer to run seminars on good or outstanding features of their teaching practice for the benefit of others.
The sessions varied from core pedagogy such as questioning techniques, modelling success criteria, and feedback to pupils, to more experimental or ICT based strategies to improve teaching and learning, such as the use of Edmodo and iPADS for pupil progress. Seminars ran on cutting edge teaching strategies also, for example co-constructivist teaching where pupils take a guided lead in their learning.
The examples of work and actual delivery of the sessions were impressive, but what was MORE important was the reflection and discussions that followed. Sharing and articulating ideas and teaching practice is highly effectual and creates enthusiasm as we look to the future and plan ahead. The zest for learning was apparent and is a big step forward in creating a collaborative culture for teaching and learning at Darwen Vale.
The market place event was enjoyed by all because teachers felt they learned much about how departments use teaching methods in order for pupils to succeed and it was a great opportunity to demonstrate new ideas.
It has been decided to use marketplace events in more Tuesday afternoons for our professional development. After all, our mission is to improve teaching and learning so that pupil progress is at its best – if we share what works with each other in a supportive capacity, we should see a big impact on the success of our pupils.
Thank you to all staff that delivered and took part.
Miss Hugill