As a department we aim to ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to experience a diverse program of study which enables pupils to fully develop their range of physical, analytical and social skills.

To compliment this, we also offer a full timetable of extra-curricular activities that run before school, at lunch time and after school. We enter a large range of local and regional sporting competitions to allow the pupils of Darwen Vale to experience the great opportunities sport and dance have to offer.


The activities we teach pupils follows the national curriculum for PE and Sport. Invasion Games, Net and Wall Games, Striking and Fielding Games, Outdoor Education, Gymnastics, Dance and Trampolining.



We have recently been awarded the Silver School Games Sportsmark in recognition for commitment, engagement and delivery of competitive sport in school. We offer a diverse and wide range of activities for all pupils, using mornings and afterschool for practices. We are a part of a very efficient borough who put on competitions for the majority of activities.



Primary Liaison

We offer a very productive primary school sport program. Hosting events throughout the year such as athletics, netball, football, rounders and cross country.

What can a student expect from the Faculty?

  • Qualified and enthusiastic teaching staff
  • Help, guidance and support
  • Quality notes and materials based on up to date examples
  • An interesting and relevant course for the future

Vision & Aims

The principle factor that underpins the PE and Dance curriculum is that we want all pupils to have a love for sport and to be able to lead healthy active lifestyles. We want pupils to feel that they can be comfortable in viewing or playing a wide range of activities in any country in the world, in any facility in the world and in any competition in the world. We want pupils to experience the many positive attributes sport and dance can provide, socially, physically and mentally. PE and Dance is in a unique position where it provides opportunities for all pupils to learn essential life skills to make them well rounded individuals in other aspects of their life.  

Key Stage 3 - Curriculum Overview

  • Ensure all pupils are making expected progress in Core PE​
  • Create an active engaging atmosphere for both staff and pupils to thrive​
  • Instil the Aldridge entrepreneurship qualities into pupils through lessons​
  • ‘Get Better Faster’ to close gaps in pupil’s knowledge, skills and understanding ​
  • Promote a vast and wide range extra curriculum programme 

Key Stage 4 - Curriculum Overview

  • High expectations that pupils are capable of achieving above and beyond
  • ​Ensure that Sport and Dance pupils are at least making expected progress in line with prior attainment ​
  • Contribute to whole school progress priority within the open bucket​
  • Continuation of high level teaching in all areas of Sport and Dance and wider school CPD
  • Prepare pupils for the next step in education/career

Extra-Curricular Clubs

Football, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket, Softball, Athletics, Fitness, Netball, Rounders, Badminton, Trampolining, Dance (wide variety)

Mr Pilkington

Head of PE