Maths in Industry

Maths in Industry was designed to link real world maths and the curriculum. 5 Year 7 pupils took part in a visit to Herbert Parkinson Textile mill with an aim to both enrich and accelerate teaching and learning, this visit focused on the current class topic, measures.

The pupils started off by measuring and making a roller blind – this was made even better as it was a live order for a customer and they had to meet the spec and deadline. The employee who was showing them was an ex pupil of ours Conan Woods!

They then transferred cm into mm on a machine to cut curtain linings. From here they made their way into the cushion room where they measured & cut fabric for cushions – deciding about hems/zips etc. They watched a lady sew it up and from this they filled it with feathers – Here they were taught how feathers are weighed, how some fluff up and others don’t. From this they worked out the volume that was needed for their cushion.

This led to the duvet room where they learned all about tog ratings – how to take the surface area of the duvet case, split into pockets and decide on what down/feathers are the right ones. How the different ones keep you warm due to trapping air – therefore working this measurement out was vital as each KS duvet retails for £1000/1500. They weighed the finished product to check the tog weight was correct as advertised on the box.

Whilst they had a comfort break/refreshments an employee gave a presentation on how they measure time. How time and study aids productivity. They found this amazing. And asked really insightful questions, he also explained how they have gone from landfill which cost 15k a year to earning a revenue of £12.475 last year. Even kitchen food waste is sent for anerobic disposal turning it into cheaper electricity.

The pupils all came back with a stag design cushion each & one for Mrs Jack.