Little Shop of Horrors

Well this week saw Darwen Vales first ever performance of Little Shop of Horrors, and what a week it has been.
500 Primary children watched and enjoyed the show, and we performed to almost 1000 people over 3 days.

Once again Darwen Vale pupils delivered a performance worthy of Broadway. From a spine chilling delivery of “Downtown” by the whole cast, to a beautifully delivered “Suddenly Seymour” from our 2 leads we feel like this performance was one of our best yet.
Audrey II knocked it out of the park for delivery of lines and we have had the most amazing feedback from our primaries, parents and governors.

We would like to thank our audience for coming and supporting us. The staff who worked tirelessly backstage to keep the show going, but most importantly we would like to thank our amazing cast. You truly are the greatest part of my job. Thank you.

Miss P.

Please click below for highlights of our show.
Little Shop of Horrors