Krakow 2017 History Trip

During the Easter Holidays 31 keen historians and 4 staff embarked on a Historical Trip that took them to the city of Krakow, in Poland.

Flying from Liverpool in the early hours of Friday the 31st March, the group were to spend 4 days in the city and experience some amazing History. After touching down and dropping bags off at the city centre hotel we were given a guided tour of the city, which took in the Jewish quarter, the University Building that dated back to the 14th Century, as well as the beautiful Town Square. Now that everyone had got their bearings Mr Smalley then delivered a presentation in the hotel’s conference room about the rest of the trip. Then it was an early night ready for an early start.

Following a 7am breakfast everyone then boarded a coach for a visit to Auschwitz Birkenau. Words cannot explain what we all saw there, but it’s enough to say it was an amazing experience for everyone. Certainly a visit that had a profound impact on everyone.

This was the focal point of the whole trip, however there was also lots more History, much to the delight of Mr Smalley. There were visits to the Schindler museum, which is housed in the actual factory that Oskar Schindler used to employ Jews during the war. The Galacia Museum also provided a History of the Jewish community in Krakow, and at the end of this tour we all met a Holocaust survivor. This was a really moving experience, indeed the story told was actually very up lifting. Karolina a year 10 student read out a poem at the end of this session, and everyone was so moved.

There were a number of other activities in the itinerary, including a visit to a Jewish Restaurant for a meal, which included music and entertainment by a Jewish band. Everyone also visited the Water Park which was absolutely huge.

Before we know it the trip was done and it was time to return home. Without a doubt we all learned so much about History, other cultures and most importantly about ourselves. Lifelong friendships were made and so many memories created. Mr Smalley can’t wait to organise the next trip.