Fighting Fire with Education!

Following the introduction of an initiative set up by Lancashire Fire Service, Year 8 students from Darwen Vale, Daniel and Megan have been appointed as official Fire safety Ambassadors for their school. This will see them work closely with the local fire service to raise awareness of the dangers of fire, and also about the preventative measures that can be put in place to avoid fires.  The students have already spent some time with fire officers at Darwen fire station, where they were briefed about what can be done in schools to reduce the risk of fire, they  were also shown some film of the horrific fire at St Marys school in Leyland, thus indicating the importance of the role they have been given.  Eager to fulfil their duties the Ambassadors followed this up with some fire safety checks in school before filing a report of their findings; again this was done with the support of the fire officers.  This is a process that will continue throughout the school year, and will hopefully help the Ambassadors achieve their ultimate aim of becoming Fire fighters in the future.

The picture shows Fire Ambassador Daniel Sewell-French and Fire Ambassador Megan Thomas carrying out vital checks around Darwen Vale.