Enrichment Day – Making it Real!

The name might have changed, but the fun and excitement certainly hasn’t. The first “Enrichment Day” of the academic year proved every bit as successful as previous “Super Learning Days”.  With dozens of guests in school sharing their knowledge and skills, the pupils had another great day to remember.  Here are just some of the highlights.

Team GB Hockey player, Charlotte Hartley, motivated year 7s and 8s to “Be the best they can be”.1-charlotte-hartley-smiling

Working hard: these year 7 girls were eager to work after listening to Charlotte’s inspiring words.3-bethebest



Meanwhile outside, year 10s were busy gardening. Fiona Jack, our recently retired Principal, had kindly donated some daffodil bulbs to be planted around our beautifully landscaped lawns.  But nobody expected this many bulbs. Bloomin’ heck!6-bulbs

It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it. Removing bits of turf with trowels and spades is certainly a tough job, but this girl seems to be diggin’ it!7-girl-digging

Pupils digging.8-year-10-boys

Box clever. Back in the Sports Hall, Monica from “Blackburn Youth Zone” was knocking more year 10s into shape.9-boxers




Out for the count.  Taking pity on a fallen friend.13-callum-kelly-takes-pity-on-fallen-friend

This is not easy!


The Healthwatch team are a regular feature at Darwen Vale Enrichment Days. Their interactive activities really engage the pupils.  What would we do without them?15-healthwatch-worker

Katrina Leigh enjoying a Healthwatch activity.16-katrina

The pupils seem to like it too.18-levi-in-healthwatch-activity


Rooms 104, 105 and 106 were occupied by the “One Voice” team. Here, year 9 pupils learnt about the dangers of legal highs, drugs and alcohol.19-legal-highs-card-game


On a lighter note, regular guest Kirsty Watson from “Cats Protection” greets her audiences with a smile and a mountain of freebies.21-cats-protection

Sandra Maguire from the Red Cross just loves coming to Vale. This time, her captive audience discussed the topical issue of “Refugee Awareness”.22-amanda-from-red-cross

Christian from the “Everybody Centre” has his own unique way of commanding attention.23-take-notice

The Fire Service are regular visitors to Darwen Vale. This time, they had to dash off due to an emergency.  Wow!  These guys are real!24-fire-brigade

Post 16 providers are always willing to work with our students on Enrichment Days. Here, year 11 students are “action planning”.25-bbn-coll

And packing a punch in the Main Hall was Glenn with his wrestling and Thai Boxing extravaganza. Glenn will always be welcome here at Darwen Vale, his act is a smash hit with the kids.26-glenn

Mr Wilson says, “Enrichment Days are a pleasure to organise and a joy to be part of.  They get the thumbs up from me, but most importantly, a big thumbs up from the kids.”