Darwen Vale student saves dad’s life after finding him collapsed at home

A Darwen Vale pupil has been presented with a special award from the school after performing essential first aid which saved his Dad’s life following an incident at home.

12 year old Joe-Jo Nicolson gave his dad Graeme lifesaving first aid after finding him unconscious at the bottom of the stairs after suffering a suspected fit or stroke.

Joe had learnt about this aspect of First Aid at a Super Learning Day at Darwen Vale.

Super Learning Days take place throughout the year and they allow pupils to experience a wide range of learning opportunities and to acquire practical skills like First Aid.

Joe’s dad Graeme, 40, of Heyfold Gardens, said: “Everyone had gone to bed and, as usual, I was left to lock up and turn everything off.

“Joe-Jo’s mum had been in bed for about 10 minutes when she heard a big bang followed by a loud groan.

“She came downstairs to find me on the floor.

“After checking on me, she shouted to my daughter Jenny to get an ambulance. At this point, Joe-Jo had come down the stairs and completely took over from my wife, who was panicking.

“He firstly checked that I was breathing properly, which I wasn’t, so he gave me mouth-to-mouth for about a minute until my breathing was back to normal.

“Then he put me in the recovery position, then the paramedics arrived and took me to hospital.

“Many students have heroes to look up to, be it football start or pop idols. I am lucky to have my own hero to look up to, and that’s my son, Joe-James Nicholson.”

At school yesterday, Joe-Jo was given a special achievement award from the Principal and Governing Body for his exceptional conduct.

Principal, Mrs Fiona Jack, said: “ It’s hard to put into words how proud we are of him.”


Photo: Student Joe-Jo Nicholson. Photo credit: Lancashire Telegraph