DVHS reports unprecedented success

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THE class of 2019 at Darwen Vale High really made the grade as the school saw an improvement on last year’s results

Among individual subjects, 70 per cent of students achieved a grade 4 or above in mathematics, which was higher than last year’s national average pass rate.

And 75 per cent of English students achieved grades of 4 or above, five per cent ahead of the national average last year, 62 per cent of students achieved grade 4 in both English and maths and nearly 40 per cent have achieved grade 5.

In other subjects, such as chemistry, biology, physics and dance, students achieved pass rates of 80 per cent or above at grade 4, and physical education, where 95 per cent achieved grade 4 or above.

“I’m over the moon”

Emma Lang (Head girl)

Achieved 9 GCSE grades with 9s in mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics and sports studies.

She will study maths, further maths, chemistry and physics.

“I was not expecting that at all.

“I was not expecting the 9s.

“It was a really hard year, the exams were hard.”

Emily Benn

Achieved two 9s and two 7s in her GCSE’s.
She will go onto study physical education and psychology at Runshaw College.

“When I got my results I cried with joy.

“I really did not think I was going to get them, I thought I would get 6s.

“I thought the exams were hard too.”

Rebecca Scanlan

Achieved two 9s and two 8s, with two 8s in combined science.

Rebecca is also going to Runshaw College to study A-Levels.

“In my dream I thought I would have failed English, but I didn’t.

“I’m really relieved I did so well.”

Olivia Grime

Olivia is going to Stonyhurst College to study biology, chemistry, physics and maths after gaining a 9 in English and three 8s.

Sophie Briggs gained a 9 in maths and 8s in all the sciences, as well as English language.

She is going to go to Runshaw College to study maths, further maths and art.

Alexander Jarvis, got a 9 in maths and 8 in business.

He is going to Runshaw College to study computer science and business.

“Maths was okay for me but English was not.

“I worked hard last year.”

Jamie Hindle (Head boy) g

Jamie obtained three 9s and three 8s in his GCSEs, as well as an A distinction in further maths. He is going to study maths, further maths, physics and psychology.


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