A Christmas Carol Theatre Performance

Year 11 were greeted by an ensemble of skilled professional actors on Tuesday 4th December from The Manchester Actor’s Company, a company of actors well-known for their energetic, well-acted, vigorous physical theatre performances.  Close attention was paid to the language used by Dickens in his famous novella, bringing the performance of A Christmas Carol to life as a dynamic, well-spoken display of theatre.

The performance gripped the attention of the students in the main hall, along with that of the staff!  The innovative ways in which the limited props and costumes were used by the three actors showed the year group how much can be done with a little – just as Scrooge was shown the same thing throughout the text.

After the performance we were treated to a 30-minute Q&A session: a face-to-face interactive discussion, guided by the actors, where the audience were able to talk directly to the characters and ask any questions that they had to better understand the story.  Year 11 asked some really thought provoking questions. The responses given by the actors allowed our students to examine the characters’ contrasting personalities and motives, and help to explore the text further.  They were also actively discussing the play with the actors to examine the impact and implication of different ways of performing and set-design, and examine the choices made for this specific presentation.

Once again, the year group did Darwen Vale proud and we hope that it was a valuable, as well as enjoyable, experience for them.