Big Brains!

Pupils from Darwen Vale High School were invited to livestream with the top brains from IBM yesterday evening from the London science musuem, giving them chance to communicate with scientists and other pupils from across the planet.  We were involved in presentations and discussions about cognitive computers; computers that can virtually think and their application especially in medicine.

As we chatted, we were tweeted by John Cohn (Mad Science) and two of the top scientists favourited some of our comments.  The pupils got so much from this event, and realised that cognitive computing could mark the start of a new era for the world as we know it.  Fascinating stuff and plenty of inspiring science and computing!  Well done Darwen Vale, and a big brain thanks to Ian Jack and IBM for making this event possible for us.

Our next Big Brain event with IBM is about the science of shopping!  Get in touch with school if you are interested

Ruth Hugill