Big Brains!

On 12th March, several of our pupils took part in a livestream web event with some of the top innovators at IBM (International Business Machines). The streaming came in from New York and our pupils were able to watch and interact with the panelists over the web. Several of our tweets to the panelists were re-tweeted and one of our questions about future computing was taken up and answered by the panel. Pupils asked questions about cognitive computing and ‘big data’ and the storage of vast amounts of information. What a fantastic, inspiring opportunity for these pupils to hold global conversations with the leading STEM specialists of their time. The event tied in nicely with international women’s day, and featured primarily, leading females. It was titled ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’

Well done to all the pupils who represented our school so well. Who knows, maybe one day THEY will be livestreaming with the future pupils of Darwen Vale inspiring and encouraging a new generation of STEM enthusiasts!

Miss Hugill