Army Careers at AccRoss

Last week, 15 Year 10s and 11s who were considering a career in the military, visited AccRoss College for an Army Careers afternoon. Pupils were briefed in both Army careers and Scots Guards careers before getting up close with weapons used in the military, such as: Javelin missiles, 81mm Mortars, Snipers and the L85A2 rifle. Pupils also had a chance to see (and wear) full personal equipment worn by the soldiers- some pupils were shocked at the vast weight that was carried around by soldiers on a daily basis. There was then a camouflage and concealment demonstration followed by a current AccRoss student talking about her experience of the Military Academy Course which she successfully passed. The pupils who attended were surprised at how many different opportunities the Army could offer them with the choices of jobs being endless.  Many sensible and in-depth questions were asked by our pupils regarding roles within the army and they all left the afternoon with more certainty about their options for the future. Thank you to AccRoss for this valuable opportunity!